The best photography phones of 2023

The best photography phones of 2023

 The best photography phones of 2023

The best photography phones of 2023

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  The best phones you can buy in 2023 come with stunning cameras that can take photos that will dazzle your Instagram followers.  These devices belong to several brands, most notably Apple, Samsung, and Google, which equip their phones with various features, such as the number of lenses and pixels.

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  But during testing, we found that just because a phone's camera contains a greater number of lenses and pixels doesn't necessarily mean it can take better photos, as the latest phones, like the iPhone 15 Pro and Pixel Pro 7, use larger  lenses and pixels.  Image sensor, with additional software.  For AI-driven photography.  There's also the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which has a camera that takes some of the best zoom photos a smartphone has ever seen.

  But it's important for you to know that there is no "ideal" phone camera for everyone, and you won't find one that will meet all your needs, even on CNET's list.  The site reviews the best of them, focusing on how they perform in everyday life, exposure balance levels, and handling...color and ease of use.  Let’s take a look at the three best phones for photography.

  * iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max - the best phones for photography.

  Sure, new features like the titanium body and "A17 Pro" processor in the last two Apple phones are exciting, but we recommend photographers opt for the larger model.  Because, in addition to the 48-megapixel main camera (available in the smaller model), it also includes a lens capable of zooming five times compared to three times in the smaller model.  This may not be a standout scene to you, but the extra magnification will help you find more attractive combinations in the scene.

  The "Max" model also performs well, thanks to other photography features, especially the "Pro Raw" technology, as well as advanced video recording features, namely "Pro Receiver" and "Log", which make the latest version of the iPhone's camera the most  Suitable for photography.

  If you don't care about the extra magnification, we recommend the iPhone 15 Pro, which has the same other features but is designed to be smaller and easier to carry.

  "Google" and "Samsung"

  * Google Pixel 7 Pro - The best phone camera for taking pictures.

  The Google Pixel 7 Pro impressed us in every aspect, from its sleek new design to its user-friendly software.  But what's truly admirable are his cameras, which take wonderful photos in every situation.  Its main sensor captures images with impressive dynamic range and vivid colors, while the optical zoom gives you (five times) greater detail clarity and accuracy.

  The device may not have as good a night photography mode as the iPhone, but its excellent camera overall makes it suitable for amateur photographers and those looking for artistic-quality images, all at a much lower price than the competition.

  * Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Best zoom phone camera.

You may feel that this phone is too much for you, but in a beautiful way, thanks to the improvements witnessed in the resolution of its cameras (200 megapixels compared to 108), its color gradations, and its dynamic range, while maintaining the amazing optical zoom (10 times) that was available in its predecessor.  We must also not forget the eighth generation Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which was specially upgraded to fit the new Samsung phone and provide it with faster performance than its predecessor.

 The price of the device starts at $1,200, meaning “expensive” is too little to describe it, but it is the perfect choice for people who are willing to pay a huge amount to get a large, high-quality screen and a versatile camera.


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