The best broker in the world tells his story with the wealthy people of the Gulf

 The best broker in the world tells his story with the wealthy people of the Gulf

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The American real estate broker (Aaron

 Kerman) admitted that the famous and wealthy people of the Arabian Gulf (secret) his obtaining the title of the best and most famous broker in the United States, as his average sales per year amounted to 300 to 400 million dollars.

 Kerman said that his ability to understand the nature of the requirements of Gulf celebrities and wealthy people who wish to buy their own real estate in Los Angeles, California, enabled him to obtain the title of best broker.

 According to the Urgent website, Kerman explained that his ability to understand the requirements of his wealthy clients in general, and Gulf Arabs in particular, helped him achieve this great success in the field of selling real estate in Los Angeles, according to the Business Insider website, concerned with financial and business news, on Wednesday.

 Kerman's client list includes a large number of executives, celebrities, and wealthy Arabs coming from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, and he succeeded in achieving this great fame among wealthy Gulf people thanks to his success in understanding the special nature of Arab clients.

 Kerman, who is considered one of the most important brokers working in the John Aaron Real Estate Services Group, confirmed that a good broker is the one who can make his client feel that he is able to understand all his requirements for the property he wants to buy without bothering him to delve into all those details.

 Kerman revealed that all wealthy people are looking for a property in a special location, overlooking a group of picturesque landscapes, and that it is surrounded by walls and adequately secured, pointing out that privacy and confidentiality of contracts are at the forefront of the requirements of his Gulf clients who wish to buy real estate in Los Angeles.  .

 Kerman added: “Privacy comes at the forefront of the requirements of the truly wealthy. They do not want people to know all the details of their private lives. Here in Los Angeles, we do not only sell homes to wealthy Arabs, but rather we try to sell them a lifestyle, and this includes furniture and art.”  The property’s décor, and other things that make them feel special.”

 He concluded his speech by emphasizing that the US Treasury Department's tracking of the names of the real owners of properties worth more than $5 million, after they purchased them using the names of fictitious companies in New York and Miami County, prompted wealthy clients to head to the city of Los Angeles to maintain the confidentiality of the contract.


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