The five best cities to live in the UK

The five best cities to live in the UK



The five best cities to live in the UK

The beauty of the UK is that even if you live in the busiest or largest city, you are never too far from the open countryside or coast.  If you're thinking of moving, you'll find it difficult to choose from such diverse and vibrant cities in England, Scotland and Wales.

A new study on the best cities in the United Kingdom to live showed a significant rise in house prices and rents in London, in addition to the fact that the working lifestyle in London differs from other cities, in London the working hours are long, which means that the capital, London, was considered one of the worst places to live.  In the UK, although the city is the best in the financial sector, wages are higher.

Reading, Bracknell, Oxford, Edinburgh and Cambridge ranked as the four best cities to live in the Kingdom, due to their high quality of life.

Moving between cities in the United Kingdom has become easy thanks to the good public transport network in the United Kingdom and thanks to the highways, so searching in the outskirts of cities is a good option.
1 Glasgow City:

Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, is known for its culture, architecture, lifestyle and sport, as the city hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The banks of the River Clyde are filled with art galleries, shops, restaurants and pubs.  a

To get around the city: you can use cheap taxis or Glasgow's tube called The Clockwork Orange.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park are only 20 miles from the city centre.  The West End, around Byres Road, is a popular area for students, while Kelvinside is the more upscale area.
2. Birmingham:

Birmingham, or "Broom" as it is called, is the second largest city in the United Kingdom.  It is located in the Midlands, where Britain's industrial heritage originated.

The city is culturally diverse, thriving and has more canals than Venice, an Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty.

There are modern apartments next to the canals.  Harborne and Edgbaston are popular residential areas with good schools, shopping centers and transport links.  Bournville is a typical village on the south side of Birmingham with houses originally built for workers at the Cadbury chocolate factory.
3. Oxford

In the study we talked about earlier, the city of Oxford ranked second in the list of major cities in the United Kingdom ranked for economic success and well-being (work-life balance). Oxford is a beautiful city located west of London, not far from the technology companies in the Thames Valley.  Filled with faculties from the University of Oxford, museums, libraries, restaurants and shops, it also has the picturesque River Thames and the Oxford Canal through which the river runs.

North Central Oxford is the most exclusive residential area with large (and expensive) Victorian and Edwardian homes.

4. Cardiff:

The Welsh capital Cardiff (in Welsh pronunciation: Caerdydd) has many cultural venues and is a major media center, and was the European City of Sport in 2014.

Roath is a lively area about half an hour's walk from the city centre, popular with students and young professionals as well as some of the city's wealthiest residents who live in grand Victorian villas.  To the east, the ever-popular Pontcana has modern apartments, restaurants and watersports on the waterfront.

5. Brighton:

Brits call Brighton “London by the Sea” and it's easy to see why: it's an incredibly vibrant, liberal city with a diverse population, full of music, theatre, festivals, great shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants.  It is located directly on the south coast and about an hour by train from London.

Kemp Town is an area near the waterfront, with stucco fronted houses (many converted into flats), antique shops, and delis.  Magnificent Victorian homes and pretty pubs line its hilly streets



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