Where is the Caucasus located?

Where is the Caucasus located?

 Today we will talk about the Caucasus region:

 *** The Caucasus (in English: Caucasus) is a geographical region and a mountain range, where the Caucasus is located between the Black Sea in the west and the Caspian Sea in the east, in the region where the continents of Europe and Asia meet,

  *** Bordered by;  Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia,

  *** The Caucasus consists of two mountain ranges:  The Greater Caucasus chain in the north and the Lesser Caucasus chain in the south, where in the greater one there is Mount Elbrus, which is the boundary between Europe and Asia, and the tallest mountain in the continent of Europe, which has a height of about 5,642 meters, and the Greater Caucasus chain follows European lands, while the Lesser Caucasus chain  It belongs to Asia according to one of the many divisions of the Caucasus Mountains.

 *** Some individuals call the Caucasus the “middle lands” due to its geographical location between Europe, Asia, Russia and the Middle East. Culturally, it is located on the borders where Islam meets Christianity and democracy meets dictatorship. Some may wonder if the South Caucasus  It is located in Europe, but the answer to this question is somewhat confusing, as some may consider it in Europe, or they may not consider it as such, as it is a border area more than a geographical one.  *** The northern part of it is subject to Russian jurisdiction, while the southern part consists of independent and self-governing states,

 *** It includes parts of four countries and part of Türkiye, namely;  Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

 *** The Caucasus is located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea,

 *** Caucasian countries are:

 ***1 Former Soviet nation-states:

 🔹 Russia and its capital is Moscow

 🔹 Georgia and its capital is Tbilisi

 🔹 Armenia and its capital, Yerevan

 🔹 Azerbaijan and its capital is Baku

 🔹 Turkey and its capital, Ankara

 ***2 Russian Caucasus countries:

 *** Partially recognized or unrecognized countries:

 🔹 Abkhazia

 🔹 South Ossetia

 *** Autonomous Republics and Federal Territories:

 🔹 Abkhazia

 (since 2008, government-in-exile)

 🔹 Adjara

 🔹 Adygea

 🔹 Chechnya

 🔹 Dagestan

 🔹 Ingushetia

 🔹 Kabardino-Balkaria

 🔹 Kalmykia

 🔹 Karachay-Cherkessia

 🔹 Krasnodar Krai

 🔹 Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

 🔹 North Ossetia-Alania

 🔹 Stavropol Krai 

Where is the Caucasus located?


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