One of the strangest laws of the countries of the world

 One of the strangest laws of the countries of the world


 1- A 15-year-old student who cheats in an exam is imprisoned!!!  in Bangladesh

 2- It is forbidden to drink Pepsi for those under 18!!!  in Norway

 3- If you are 27 years old and you are not employed, then you should go to the army immediately!!!

 in North Korea

 4- The legal smoking age is only 15 years!!!  in Mexico

 5 - It is forbidden to buy an American car and it is imprisoned!!!

 in North Korea

 6 - You can obtain a driver's license from the age of 14!!!  In Germany

 7- Football, basketball and cinema are prohibited!!!  in Burma

 8 - Escaping from prison is a crime not punishable by law!!!

 in Germany and Denmark

 9 - It is forbidden to cry in public places!!!  in Colombia

 10- You have to ask permission from the Ministry of the Interior if you want to dye your hair!  in North Korea

 11- It is forbidden to wear blue jeans because they symbolize American imperialism!!!  In North Korea

 12- It is illegal to forget your wife's birthday!!!

 in the Samoan Islands

 13- There are no final exams!!!  In Sweden

 14- You can propose a new law!!!  in Switzerland

 15- A fine for those who look at the phone when signaling!!!  in Denmark

 16- Being overweight is a crime punishable by law in Japan.

 17- You are imprisoned when you smile at a woman you do not know!!!  in Venezuela

 18- School hours are only 5 hours, and you can leave school at any time!!!  in Croatia

 19- You cannot kill a mouse without asking permission from the government in India.

 20- It is forbidden to use the Internet except after obtaining permission from all ministries

 in North Korea.

 21- It is forbidden to watch TV after 12 am

   in Cameroon.

 22- It is forbidden to name your son “Muhammad, Abdullah, or Ahmed.”

  in Burma.

 23- A woman opening her husband’s mobile phone is a crime punishable by guardianship

 in Montana.

 24- You do not have to pay the bill if you are not satisfied,

 If you finish your meal and are not full, you can go to restaurants without paying

  in Denmark.

 25- It is forbidden to drink any liquid while driving, even if it is water in Greece. 

One of the strangest laws of the countries of the world


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