Who is the real winner of the World Cup in 2022 *??

Who is the real winner of the World Cup in 2022 *??

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Who is the real winner of the World Cup in 2022 *??

 * Who is the real winner of the World Cup in 2022 *??

 the answer

 We say Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup

 This is correct !!  ,

 But there is another country

 She won the real World Cup and you will surely forget her

 without playing a single game!!

 And that country is China!!  🙄🙄

 10 ways China worked quietly behind the scenes at the Qatar World Cup...

  First: I was awarded the contract to commission World Cup buildings and power them with green electricity from a next-generation solar-only power plant built by Power Construction Corporation in China.

  Two: People were taken where they needed to go in a fleet of 888 all-electric buses, made by Yutong Bus, a Chinese company that has quietly become, as far as I know, the largest bus maker in the world.

  Third: The main stadium was built by the China Railway Construction Corporation: the company that has emerged in Africa, Europe and around the world, known for its exceptional ability to create infrastructure in challenging environments.

  Fourth: What is a sporting event without souvenirs??

    It is estimated that nearly 70 percent of World Cup-related goods, from footballs and World Cup trophies in various sizes to flags to jerseys and whistles...etc, all came from one location in China, a city in southeast China  called Yiwu.

  Fifth: A contract for the construction of a very large reservoir built for this purpose to provide clean drinking water for athletes and fans.  And it was built by Gezhouba Group, from Wuhan.

  Sixth: Stadium construction required massive amounts of heavy equipment and labour, from huge earthmoving machines to cranes - and nearly 100 of them were supplied by China's Sany Heavy Industry, one of the world's largest construction companies.

  Seventh: The most innovative was the 974 diagonal pitch, which could be disassembled and reassembled anywhere.  The 974-brick design was designed by a Spanish architect by China International Marine Container.

  Eight: Notice all the LED flood lights everywhere?  They came from Unilumin Group in China.

  Nine: Most people say air conditioners are necessary to survive in that environment - and China's Midea provided 2,500 central air conditioners for the event.

  Ten: Last but not least, this was the most expensive sporting event in the history of the world, and it needed a lot of corporate support.

  19 Chinese companies signed up to sponsor the event, of course through advertising.

 It is worth noting that the preparations for the World Cup cost the sisterly State of Qatar an amount of $220 billion, of which the lion's share was for the giant Chinese companies at 68%.

 This is the real victory that we count on, ladies and gentlemen, and not winning by dribbling the ball and kicking it to score the net!!😜

 ⚽⚽⚽ 🙄🙄

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