Strange information about the country of Chile:

Strange information about the country of Chile:

 Strange information about the country of Chile:

 1_ A very long strip that extends over 4,500 km and its width is between 100 and 200 km only.

 2_ The longest mountain range in the world extends over it, which is the Andes Mountains, which extend from the north of South America to its south, and these mountains separate Chile from Argentina and Bolivia, and there are some of the highest mountains in the world.

 3_ In Chile, we find the driest region in the world, which is the Atacama Desert, where the average rainfall 🌦️ there does not exceed 1 mm annually, I said annually, meaning that the rain does not fall there, some areas in this desert have remained 400 years without rain.

 4_ Chile is the country whose lands extend the most south of the globe, meaning that it is the closest country to the Antarctic continent in the Antarctic.

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 Official name: Republic of Chile

 Short name: Chile

 Capital: Santiago

 Language: Spanish (official), in addition to German, English and some local languages.

 Political system: Republican.

 Date of Independence/National Day: September 18, 1810 (from Spain).

 Currency: pesos.



 Location: Chile is located in South America, bordered to the north by Peru, to the east by Bolivia and Argentina, and to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean.

 Area: 756,102 square kilometers.

 Natural resources: copper, wood, iron ore, precious metals and hydropower.

 Climate: temperate, desert in the north and cool and wet in the south

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Strange information about the country of Chile:


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