Why did Brazil lose

Why did Brazil lose

Why did Brazil lose??

 What happened when Brazil last qualified for the World Cup semi-finals?

 The biggest result in the history of the World Cup semi-finals.

 - The biggest loss for a host team in the history of the World Cup.

 - The biggest loss for the Brazilian team in the history of the World Cup.

 - The biggest loss for the Brazilian national team in history.

 - Miroslav Klose became the historical top scorer of the World Cup, breaking the number of Brazilian Ronaldo.

 The fastest 5 goals in the history of the World Cup.

 The fastest 5 goals scored by the German national team in the history of the World Cup.

 And what numbers do you have for this semi-final?

 Why do they hate Brazil?!

 There is a phenomenon that is spreading more and more from one World Cup to another, which is hatred of Brazil or encouragement against Brazil.

 The reasons for this phenomenon vary among three categories of viewers:

 The first: the masochists: they are amateurs in watching, and most of them do not know anything about football except that it is round and played with the foot and not with the hand, and they enjoy torturing themselves by encouraging boring teams that lack history, influence and beautiful football, for miserable purposes, including enjoying the excitement and fabricated euphoria of the victory of the weaker team even if  He was boring and his rise would spoil the tournament

 The second: the transcendent: they are intellectuals who oppose populism, whatever it may be, and many of them also share with the first group the weakness of knowledge of football, except that they prefer - and as an application of a well-known rule that repels them from encouraging what most of the people encourage and to deepen the feeling of their inflated selves over themselves -  They choose to encourage European teams, some of which are boring in their game, in line with what they think their culture or nationalities acquired for some of them.

 Third: The superficial: Among the members of this category are former Brazil fans, or followers, who think that Brazil must play as your team plays on the PlayStation at the (amateur / beginner) level, so Brazil must dance with everyone and defeat everyone with at least half a dozen goals in each match,  And to win all the matches, and if Brazil did not do that, then it does not deserve to win, and we must encourage any boring team that defends against it to seize a victory that it does not deserve, forgetting that Brazil Pele itself lost the 1966 World Cup, despite winning the 1954, 1958, and 1970 World Cups, and even in these World Cups  They would concede goals and might lose or draw in a match. Brazil does not play wooden chairs, but rather plays teams that are all highly motivated and fighting against them, because Brazil will always be the best and the first.

Why did Brazil lose


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