Who is Younis en-Nusairi? The Moroccan striker who scored against Portugal in the quarter-finals

Who is Younis en-Nusairi? The Moroccan striker who scored against Portugal in the quarter-finals

Youssef En-Nesyri Writes History in Arabic at the World Cup 

Who is Younis Al-Nusairi?  The Moroccan striker who scored against Portugal in the quarter-finals

 He was bullied and lost his country to the semi-

finals of the 2022 World Cup. Youssef Al-Nusiri is the Moroccan team's top scorer

From the streets of the Old City of Fez, located in the centre of the Kingdom of Morocco, baby Youssef Nusseiri fondled football for the first time, showing his great talent, compared to the rest of his friends who shared his play.

Nuseeri moved from Al-Hay Stadium to the Fassie Stadium of Morocco for formation, then included in his football track, having shown high potential for coaches, until he became a star in a group of Spanish teams, and then a champion in the eyes of Moroccans, after achieving the winning goal against the Portuguese team, which secured Morocco a seat in Golden Square, in the 2022 World Final.

Yousef Nasseri... From street to professional composition

Youssef Nusseiri was born on 1 June 1997 in the Belkhayat neighbourhood, which is among the simple neighbourhoods in the Moroccan city of Fez, within a modest family, concerned with providing a living for their children and bringing them to the highest ranks.

During his childhood, Yusuf loved playing football with his friends in the neighborhood playground, as was the case with most children of his generation, but he was distinguished by his passes, headbutts and dribbles, so that he also excelled within the school team, which made him the best rising soccer player in Morocco, at school level.

After this small achievement, the management of the Fassi Moroccan club called him for their formation, but the Nusseiri family was reluctant in their decision, especially because they wanted their son to complete his studies and excel in them, especially since the Moroccan ball at the time knew a great stagnation, said the stars, and missed the most important tournaments.

But Youssef Nasseri's insistence made his father accept his admission to the local club, and honed his football talent there, until a few years later, specifically in 2011, he was appealed to the Mohammed VI Football Academy, by manager Nasser Largate, which was opened specifically to seek new stars in the world of round witches, in order to restructure Morocco's football sector.

Shine at the Academy to use Malacca for excellence

It was difficult for Youssef Nasseri's family to accept the departure of her only 14-year-old son, to another city for a football formation.

But the insistence of this child fond of fondling the ball made him convince his father for the second time

But the insistence of this child fond of fondling the ball made him persuade his father for the second time, especially since the Academy provides its students with all facilities, such as housing, food, drinking and care.

Al-Nasiri lasted for four years, a period that would have made him manifest himself spherically. The Spanish club Malacca decided to join him in 2015 and include him on loan, within the youth team, outside the country.

With the start of the football season, Naseeri was able to show his talent, having managed to score sustained goals, in most of the games he played, which caused team officials to decide to transfer him to the RDF, a decision that was right, having brought his ball into the opposing side's net in his first game, to continue at the same level throughout the season.

In 2016, the Spanish club decided to sign the official contract with Al-Nuseiri in the amount of $ 125 thousand. The Moroccan player, who was a newborn professional player, was a life cordon for the club that was struggling at that time, and he managed to score 4 goals during 27 games.

Rejected by Moroccan public, silencing them with purpose in Spain's net

In the same year that Naseeri was fighting to prove himself among La Liga players, along with his participation in Morocco under 20 years old, he was summoned by coach Hervé Runar, who was at the helm of the Atlas Lions, in 2016, to participate in friendly games, but he was unable to achieve any goal during this participation.

At that same stage, his contract with Spanish club Malacca was renewed until 2018, the year Morocco was preparing to participate in the Russian World Cup, as he was called back by coach Runar and at the last moment, after he was on the standby list.

But the Moroccan crowd were revolting against the national team coach, having selected the player who had missed several opportunities during his participation in a match against Gabon, in the 2017 Africa Cup finals.

The Moroccan public came out on social media in order to declare their total rejection of Nasiri's presence in the squad, pointing out that he would be the reason for the further exclusion, after the dream of returning to competition in the World Championship, which Morocco had missed for 20 years.

But Youssef Nusseiri managed to silence everyone, after firing home a goal at the Spanish side, during the last group stage match, which was the final match of the Atlas Lions, who showed a high level of play, despite the exclusion.

Star in Spain superior to Messi!

During 2018, Youssef managed to score 5 goals for Rebekah, the Moroccan team, during the seven matches in which he participated, and from there he became a regular presence among the country's squad, although the fans who were sceptical about his football level.

But unlike the Moroccan football crowd, Spanish club Leganes saw great possibilities in Nuseeri, which made him sign for two seasons, until 2020, when he was able to prove himself further, through his constant goals, especially vertical ones, which he was famous for among the fans and soccer stars.

In order to continue the peace of success and brilliance, the son of the city of Fez accepted the signing of a contract with the Sevilla club, for 25 million euros.

He has achieved many achievements with the Spanish club, becoming the top scorer in the team's history, having last been Juan Arza in 1955.

Naseeri also became a strong contender for La Liga's most famous round witch player, with 12 goals, equal to Luis Suarez, outscoring Lionel Messi.

Yousef Nasseri... Arab Audiences Dream Investigator

Youssef Al-Nasri, the Moroccan national team, arrived at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, after being called by coach Walid Al-Rakraki, to be part of the starting squad.

Despite all his achievements in Spain, the fear of the Moroccan fans has reappeared, drawing up the worst-case scenario for Yousef Nusseiri's gameplay.

But the Moroccan player, who has played in Spain, was able to prove his name among the players, after scoring his first goal in the Belgian side's net, which was crucial in order to qualify for the second round of the World Cup.

With this goal, Nusseiri became the first Moroccan player to score two goals in two seasons of the World Cup, which made the Moroccan crowd private, and Arabs in general, praise his fighting performance inside the field, especially as he scored a second goal in the same game, but was not calculated.

He did not stop here. Yousef al-Nusseiri became the realist of millions of Arabs' dreams, having led


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