Who is the Moroccan national team player No. 8 | Who is Azzedine Onahi

 Who is the Moroccan national team player No. 8 | Who is Azzedine Onahi

Who is the Moroccan national team player No. 8 | Who is Azzedine Onahi

Spanish reports said that Moroccan national team player Ezzedine Onahi is on Barcelona's radar.

 El Mundo Deportivo newspaper said the Moroccan player, who was praised by Luis Enrique, was impressing at the Camp Nou.

 The newspaper indicated that Barcelona sees Onahi as an impressive and cheap option, and the player loves Barcelona and would be welcome to move to him, so his name is on the table in the winter transfers.

 And the report, which was monitored by the Khaberni website, indicated that the contract with Onahi does not represent a financial problem for the club, but the club does not know what salary the player will ask for.

 Onahi, the Moroccan national team player, impressed everyone in the 2022 World Cup, until Spanish coach Luis Enrique described him as a super player.

 Who is the Moroccan national team player No. 8, as this player is considered one of the most distinguished players in the Moroccan national football team, as he presented a distinguished performance in the matches that dazzled all the fans of the team, and in the coming lines we will talk about the answer to this

 In addition, the numbers of the players of the Moroccan national team 2022, Ezzedine Onahi, the Moroccan player Onahi, the World Cup matches, and Luis Enrique.

 Who is the Moroccan national team player No. 8?

 He is Azzedine Onahi, a well-known Moroccan football player who plays for the Moroccan national football team and also plays for the Angers club, where he is considered one of the most important midfielders in the national team. Player No. 8, where did this man come from, and I am one of the new players in Morocco for football, as he joined the Moroccan national team under the age of twenty in 2018, and joined the Morocco national football team 2022, and he is one of the most important players participating in the World Cup 2022 within the Moroccan national team .

 Izz al-Din Onahi biography

 Many people want to know information about the Moroccan football player Ezzedine Onahi, and below we will learn about the most important information about his life and biography:

 Name: Ezzedine Onahi.

 Nickname: Onahi.

 Date of birth: the nineteenth of April 2000.

 Place of birth: Casablanca, Morocco.

 Place of residence: Morocco.

 Nationality: Moroccan.

 Profession: Football player.

 National Team: The Moroccan national football team.

 Current club: Angers Club.

 Position: Midfielder.

 Number: 8.

 The most important achievements of the player Ezzedine Onahi

 The Moroccan player Azzedine Onahi achieved many achievements throughout his sports career, the most important of which are the following:

 He played for many well-known sports teams such as Strasbourg, as well as US Avranches, the Angers team and many other teams, as he was affiliated with the Raja Football Club.

 He was chosen from the Moroccan national football team squad for the 2022 World Cup, which takes place in the State of Qatar, where many fans and players in other teams were impressed by his performance.

 He is the player who covered the most kilometers in the Spain match and recorded the highest number of pressures.


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