Who is Azzedine Onahi, the star of the Moroccan national team?

 Who is Azzedine Onahi, the star of the Moroccan national team?

Who is Azzedine Onahi, the star of the Moroccan national team?

🎙️ Luis Enrique (Spain national team coach):"I bear responsibility for missing penalty kicks because I chose the players who took..I deeply apologize to the fans

 🎙️ Luis Enrique: “The one I liked the most in Morocco is No. 8 (Ezzedine Onahi), what a player, where did he come from?”

 🎙️ Luis Enrique: “I know that Rubiales (President of the Spanish Federation) and Molina want me to continue all my life with the national team, but we have to think about what is best for the national team and what is best for me personally, but this is not the time to think, we will see next week.”

 Luis Enrique: "The players did everything I asked of them as they should, but sport is about winning and losing, and we do not represent ourselves only, but our country, and now we have to show that we know how to accept defeat."

Who is Azzedine Onahi, the star of the Moroccan national team?

 A professional football player of Moroccan origin, Azzedine Onahi, born in 2000 in Casablanca, Morocco. At the moment, Ona plays in the center of the French club Angers. He started his football career in Raja Casablanca and is a famous player in the Moroccan national team, in  2018 AD He moved to the Mohammed VI Football Academy, he went to France in 2020 to join the football clubs there to sign his first deal in the French club Angers, which lasts only 4 years.

 Azzedine Onahi Biography

 The following is the most important information about the player Ezzedine Onahi, and it comes as follows:

 Name: Ezzedine Onahi.

 English name: Azzedine Ounahi.

 Birthplace: Montreal, Canada.

 Date of birth: April 19, 2000.

 His age: He is 22 years old.

 Nationality: He holds Moroccan nationality.

 Religion: He embraces the Islamic religion.

 Marital status: unmarried.

 Number of children: none.

 Shirt number: He has the number 8.

 Height: 182 meters.

 Current club: French club Angers.

 Name of the team: The Moroccan national team.

 Languages: He is fluent in both English and French.

 Profession: Professional soccer player.

 Playing position: He plays in the midfield position.

 Years of Youth March: from 2010 to 2018.

 Years of his professional career: from 2018 until now.

 How tall is Ezzedine Onahi?

 Since Azzedine Onahi plays in the most important position in football, which is the center position, for the French Angers team, his height of about 182 meters is considered appropriate, despite his young age. Azzedine played professionally for many Moroccan and French clubs, through  His talent, he also managed to sign his first professional contract with French clubs, where he scored a large number of goals for the team in several French leagues.

 The most prominent achievements of the player Ezzedine Unahi

 Many people refer to the football player Ezzedine Onahi by their nicknames, but the nickname “The Joker” was distinguished by the ability to play in several positions in the field.  The defensive midfield adjacent to the linking midfield, Onahi also participated in many matches in various competitions with the Angers club and contributed by scoring three goals between making and scoring. To find out more information about him “from here”.

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