Who is Neymar

Who is Neymar

 All you need to know about Neymar

What you do not know about Neymar

 What you do not know about Neymar

 Neymar is a Brazilian soccer player.  He starred with the Brazilian national team and FC Barcelona, ​​and currently plays for the French club Paris Saint-Germain.

 Biography of Neymar

 Neymar was born in Sao Paulo - Brazil on February 5, 1992. Neymar drew attention to him through his amazing abilities in the football game, which appeared at an early age. He began his career as the star of the Brazilian youth team, Santos, where he won four consecutive titles as the best player in the  year to become one of the most famous Brazilian personalities.

 After moving to Europe to join Barcelona for the 2013-2014 season, where Neymar helped the team achieve local and international titles, in the summer of 2017 he announced that he intended to leave Barcelona, ​​and his final destination was Paris Saint-Germain.

 The beginnings of Neymar

 Neymar da Silva Santos Junior was born in 1992 in Mogi das Cruzes - Sao Paulo - Brazil.  The son of a former professional soccer player, Neymar followed in his father's footsteps by playing street football and futsal, which is a type of indoor game. He joined Portuguesa Santista youth club in 1999, and within a few years he became one of the most talented.  which is attracting attention in the country.

 Neymar joined the Santos youth program at the age of eleven. News of his talent spread in Europe and he was offered an offer to complete the development of his talent in the Spanish ranks of Real Madrid when he was fourteen years old, but the manager of the Santos team persuaded Neymar to stay, but for a large fee, it was the first appearance of Neymar in  Santos ranks in 2009, and a halo of expectations and media hype was raised around him after he was 

awarded the best player in the league.

Neymar's personal life

 Neymar keeps his personal life a secret.  However, it is known that he has a son named David Luca, who was born in 2011. The mother of the child is named Carolina Dantas, but they are not in a relationship now.  As for Neymar's religion, beliefs, and sect of origin, he was born into a Christian family

 Facts about Neymar

 Real Madrid contracted him in 2006 for 60,000 euros, before anyone knew him, but before it was too late, he paid one million euros and canceled the contract.

 He was the first player to appear on the cover of the American newspaper The Times in the story that read: "The New Pele".

 He almost moved to the English West Ham team, as the London team offered Santos more than once to buy Neymar, but Santos always refused.

 Liberbara Fuller is the song that is the secret of Neymar's brilliance, as he says he always listens to it before every match, and he says that music is part of his soul and life.

 Neymar is the first Brazilian athlete to appear on the cover of Time magazine.

 The most famous sayings of Neymar

 I was never interested in getting the Ballon d'Or or the best player in the world because the best player there is now, Messi, and I can see him up close and I can help him.

 — Neymar

 I have never been driven and moved for the sake of money, but I believe that the happiness of my family is the most important, regardless of money.

 — Neymar

 I am not a hateful man and never will be, I always forgive because the final decision is not mine, but God knows what he does.

 — Neymar

 Neymar's achievements

Neymar's achievements

 In 2010, he helped Santos compete for the Brazilian Cup and League titles on his way to achieving the first of the three titles that he would achieve later in a row in addition to achieving his fourth title as the best player of the year, in the same world he appeared for the first time with the Brazil national team with the Mohawk hairstyle (people  American original) which quickly spread among young fans.

 In 2011, through a sudden progression, Neymar scored the goal that was considered FIFA's goal for that year and led Santos to achieve its first Libertadores Cup title in 48 years. However, Neymar began to experience the media reaction associated with fame. Neymar was criticized for losing Brazil in the quarter-finals.  Copa America final.

 Neymar scored his 100th professional goal on his twentieth birthday in 2012 and finished the year ranked 43rd among the best football players, and although Santos achieved the third league title in a row, Neymar was criticized when Brazil lost the gold medal in the 2012 Olympic Games in favor of Mexico.  .

 In May 2013, Neymar announced that he would move to Europe in a transfer deal to the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​​​where the team contains a group of stars, including the Argentine star Lionel Messi, in addition to some stars of the Spanish national team.  After a short period, the child prodigy managed to silence some of his critics by leading the Brazil national team to win the Confederations Cup, indicating through that his willingness to bear greater burdens on the world stage.

 Neymar starred in the 2014 World Cup that was held on his country's soil, but his career ended shortly before the final, as he left the field minutes before the end of the match in which Brazil defeated Colombia in the quarter-finals, as he was carried on his stretcher while he was in severe pain due to  He broke a vertebra in his back due to being intercepted by Colombian defender Juan Zuniga, and after the Brazilian national team star became out of the squad, the national team's ambitions were met with great disappointment due to its loss in the semi-finals, with a big score against the German national team, amounting to 7-1.

And after Neymar's contract with Barcelona was completed and announced within the ranks of the team was a multi-talented gift to the star-burdened club, Neymar scored 39 distinguished goals with Barcelona in the 2014-15 season, helping the team to achieve the treble for that year through the league title and the domestic cup in addition to  European Champions Cup, and the following year, a week after Barcelona won the La Liga title (La Liga), Neymar scored a goal in extra time to give his team the King's Cup title again.

 Despite this, the Brazilian star was unable to achieve any achievement while he was in charge of his country. His participation in the 2015 Copa America was suspended, which reduced Brazil's chances of having a longer career in the tournament, and the following year he sat out of the tournament in order to  He remains rested and healthy for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

 Neymar suffered from parotitis, which prevented him from attending the Spanish Super Cup and the European Super Cup in 2015, but after recovering and returning to the field, he managed to score a super hat-trick against Rayo Vallecano, and in that season he was nominated for the Golden Ball award and won third place, and Neymar finished  The 2015-2016 season, with a domestic double, which is the Spanish League and the King’s Cup.

 The 2016-2017 season was Neymar's last season with FC Barcelona, ​​and he had a great deal of credit for his club's victory over Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of the Champions League, and he ended the season with 20 goals.

 In August 2017, Neymar moved to Paris Saint-Germain with a 5-year contract and carried shirt No. 10, and the transfer deal set a record as the most expensive transfer deal in football history at the time, which amounted to 222 million euros, which is the value of the penalty clause for terminating Neymar’s contract.

 Neymar played his first match with his new club shirt on August 13, 2017 and was able to score his first goal in the French League, and on January 17, 2018 he scored his first Super Hat-trick with Paris Saint-Germain, but he suffered a metatarsal injury and underwent surgery and missed it.  off the field for a while.

 In the 2018-2019 season, Neymar's suffering returned with a foot injury, which kept him out of matches for a long time.

 With the start of the 2019-2020 season, Neymaner missed the club's training after his club talked about disciplinary measures, and Neymar agreed to stay in the club before the end of the official transfer date, after rumors that spoke about Barcelona's desire to re-join striker Neymar to the ranks of the team, and the injury returned to accompany Neymar.  In the confrontation that brought together the Parisian club and Real Madrid in the 16th round of the European Champions League.

Neymar started the 2020-2021 season with his absence from the team due to his infection with the Corona virus, and he returned to training on September 13, 2020, and Paris witnessed his first “Le Classic” loss since 2011 against Lyon, with a score of 1-0, and in the match there were 14 yellow cards and 5 red cards.  Including a red card for Neymar after he quarreled with Alvaro Gonzalez and hit him on the head, and later in this season Neymar entered the list of the top 10 scorers in the history of Paris Saint-Germain after scoring his number 72 goal in the club’s shirt, and on November 28, 2020 he managed to score his fiftieth goal in the French League.  Thus, he became the fastest player in the club's history to reach this number of goals in only 58 games, and Neymar was able to break a record by being the first player in the history of the Champions League and European Cup to reach 20 goals for two different clubs.

 Other data about Neymar

 Father's name: Neymar Da Silva.

 Mother's name: Nadine Santos.

 Sisters' names: Rafaella Beckran.

 Wife's name: He is not married, and he was in a relationship with a number of girls, while the mother of his child is Carolina Dantas.

 Boys' names: Davi Lucca da Silva Santos.

 Religion: Christian (follows the Pentecostal movement).

 Ethnicity: Brazilian.

 Height: 175 cm.

 Weight: 70 kg.

 Hobbies: Skating, dancing, playing poker, video games, playing the piano.

Clubs he played for:

 Santos Club 2009-2013.

 FC Barcelona 2013-2017.

 Paris Saint-Germain 2017-present.

 Brazil national team 2010 - until the present time (he also participated with the Brazilian national team U-17, U-20 and U-23).

 Sponsors: Puma, Red Bull, Turma da Mônica, Fan the Flame Comics, REPLAY Jeans, GaGà Milano, Digibel  Digible, Diesel Fragrances, Qatar Airways, Qatar National Bank, Altice Portugal, DAZN, Triller, PokerStars  Superdry, NR Sports, Epic Games, Nike, Gillette, Mastercard, TCL.

 Number of goals scored: 398 goals, including 329 goals with clubs and 69 goals with the national team.

 Most scored goals:

 His goal against Rayo Vallecano from over 30 yards in the 2013-2014 season.

 His goal against Real Madrid in the Spanish League matches in the 2014-2015 season.

 His goal against Red Star Belgrade club in the Champions League confrontations from 30 yards.

 His goal against Germany in the 2016 Olympic Games clash from over 35 yards.


 Best Young Player in the Brazilian League: 2009.

 Brazilian Primera División Team of the Year: 2010, 2011, 2012.

 Best striker in the Brazilian league: 2010, 2011, 2012.

 Brazilian Golden Shoe: 2010, 2011, 2012.

 Brazilian Silver Ball: 2010, 2011.

 Brazilian Golden Ball: 2011.

 FIFA Best Goal Award presented by Puskas: 2011.

 World Cup Bronze Ball: 2011.

 Best player in the Brazilian league 2011.

 Best Young Player from World Soccer 2011.

 Best player from the Copa Libertadores: 2011.

 Club World Cup Bronze Ball: 2011.

 South American Footballer of the Year: 2011, 2012.

 Confederations Cup Golden Ball: 2013.

 Confederations Cup Bronze Boot: 2013.

 Confederations Cup Dream Team: 2013.

 World Cup Bronze Boot: 2014.

 World Cup Dream Team: 2014.

 Golden Ball Award (Balloon d'Or): 2015 (third place), 2017 (third place).

 FIFA Best Football Award (THE BEST): 2017 (third place).

 Best Player in Europe Award: 2015 (5th place), 2020 (4th place).

 Samba Golden Award: 2014, 2015, 2017, 2020.

 UEFA Champions League Team of the Season for seasons: 2014–15 2019–20, 2020–21.

 Best player in the Spanish League 2014-15 season.

 La Liga Player of the Month: November 2015.

 Best player in the French League: 2017-18.

 Ligue 1 squad for the season: 2017–18, 2018–19, 2020–21.

 Ligue 1 Player of the Month: December 2017, January 2020.

 UEFA Best Team Award: 2015.

 Fifpro: 2015, 2017.

 Fifpro second squad: 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018.

 Fifpro Candidate: 2019 (6th striker).

 Bronze Award for Best Playmaker from FIFA 2017.

 FIFA Men's World Team 2017.

 Best player in the Copa America: 2021 (shared with Messi).

 Copa America Dream Team: 2021.

 Top scorer in the 2010 Brazil Cup.

 Top scorer of the 2011 Copa America for Youth.

 Top scorer in the Brazilian league 2012.

 Top scorer in the 2012 Copa Libertadores (together with Matias Alustiza).

 Best playmaker in the 2012 Copa Libertadores.

 Top scorer in the King's Cup 2014-15 season.

 Top scorer in the UEFA Champions League 2014-15 season (shared with Ronaldo and Messi).

 Best assists passer in the Club World Cup 2015.

 Best assists passer in the UEFA Champions League season: 2015-16, 2016-17.

Tournaments achieved with his team:

 With the Brazilian club Santos

 Brazilian League three times in the years: 2010, 2011, 2012.

 Brazil Cup in 2010.
 Copa Libertadores in 2011.

 Recopa sudamericana in 2012.

 The Spanish League twice in my seasons: 2014-15 and 2015-16.

 The King of Spain Cup three times in seasons: 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17.

 Spanish Super Cup: 2013, 2016.

 UEFA Champions League season 2014-15.

 European Super Cup 2015.

 Club World Cup 2015.

 With Paris Saint-Germain:

 French League three times in seasons 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20.

 French Cup three times in the seasons 2017-18, 2019-20 and 2020-21.

 French League Cup Season: 2017-18, 2019-20.

 French Champions Cup: 2018, 2020.

 European Champions League runner-up 2019-20 season.

 With the Brazilian national team:

 America's Super Derby for Youth 2011.

 Copa America U-20 2011.

 Olympic football silver 2012.

 Continents Cup 2013.

 Olympic football gold 2016.

 The runner-up of the Copa America 2021.

 Net worth: $200 million.


 In 2010, when Neymar was playing for Santos, and during the confrontation that brought his club together with Guyanese, the referee gave a penalty kick in favor of Santos, and when Neymar was close to taking the kick, the coach prevented him and ordered another player to pay it, which angered Neymar, and in the dressing room and after the interaction with  The coach Neymar was banned from participating for one match and the coach was fired.

 Also in 2010, a quarrel with Ceará club player Joao Marcos turned into a mass brawl, which ended with police intervention to resolve the quarrel.

 Neymar appeared on the cover of the Brazilian sports magazine (The Placar) in a controversial manner, as he was crucified in the same way as Jesus Christ, and the image received a lot of criticism.

 Financial scandals and tax evasion followed the star Neymar, as the Brazilian court froze $ 50 million in assets in 2015 due to his tax evasion and taxes accumulated from 2011 to 2013.

 The charge of rape pursued the star Neymar after a Brazilian model accused him of raping her in a Paris hotel, but Neymar soon revealed the facts and said that he had fallen into the trap of the model, as he published pictures of their conversations on WhatsApp confirming the model's desire to establish a relationship with him.

 Last year, Nike announced the termination of its business with the star Neymar, following the player’s sexual scandal with the most useful female employee of the company, who returned to a hotel in New York City in 2016, and the sponsorship deal was worth 78.6 million pounds sterling and was supposed to continue until 2022, according to  The Wall Street Journal reported that Neymar forced the employee to perform oral sex, and the employee filed a personal claim in 2018.

Movies and series about their biography: a series titled (Neymar Jr's Life Outside the Fields) released in 2014, and the documentary film (The Making of a Superstar).

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