Information about Yassin Bounou, his origin and religion

 Information about Yassin Bounou, his origin and religion

Information about Yassin Bounou,

Who is the wife of the Moroccan goalkeeper, Yassine Bounou, and her photos?

 Who is Yassin Bono Biography

 Yassin Bono, the player of the Moroccan national team and the Spanish club Seville, who holds the title of the Marrakech Dam, is the most brilliant Arab goalkeeper in the 2022 World Cup, so through the following points, we will discuss Bono’s biography:

 Full name: Yacine Bounou

 English name: Yassine Bounou.

 Place of birth: Montreal, Canada.

 Date of birth: the fifth of April 1991 AD.

 Age: 31 years old.

 Nationality: He holds Moroccan and Canadian nationalities.

 Religion and belief: Muslim.

 Marital status: Married.

 Number of children: one daughter only.

 Shirt number: 13.

 Height: 1.92 metres.

 Current club: Spanish club Sevilla.

 Name of the team: The Moroccan national team.

 Languages: English and French.

 Profession: Football player.

 Playing position: goalkeeper.

 Years of youth career: from 1999 to 2010.

 Years of his professional career: from 2010 to the present day.

 What is the origin of Yacine Bounou?

 The goalkeeper of the Moroccan national team, Yassin Bounou, is Moroccan by nationality and origin, but he was born in Canada, so he also holds Canadian citizenship, but Yassin grew up in Morocco, and his youth career was from inside Morocco, specifically through the Moroccan club Wydad, and it is worth noting that Yassin started his career  Professionalism in 2010 within the ranks of the same club.

 What is Yacine Bounou's religion?

 Yassin Bounou, the goalkeeper of the Moroccan national team and famous for the Marrakesh Dam and the Casablanca Wall, is a Sunni Muslim of religion, where Yassin was born and the mother of Muslims of the religion is of Moroccan origin and nationality. Yassin married a young Moroccan woman who is also a Sunni Muslim named Iman, and they had only one daughter.

 How old is Yacine Bounou?

 Yassine Bounou, the Moroccan national team goalkeeper, was born in Montreal, Canada, on April 5, 1991;  Which means that at the age of thirty-one, it is mentioned that Bono joined the ranks of many clubs, most notably the Moroccan club Wydad, and the Spanish club Seville.

 thus;  We have come to the end of an article about Yassin Bono, his origin and religion, through which we got to know Yassin Bono, the goalkeeper of the Moroccan national team, in addition to his religion and origin, as it turned out that he is a player of Moroccan origin and nationality, a Sunni Muslim.

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