France to the final and Morocco bid farewell to the World Cup competitions with honor.

 ▪️ France to the final and Morocco bid farewell to the World Cup competitions with honor.

France to the final and Morocco bid farewell to the World Cup competitions with honor.

 ▪️ France, with the same usual formation, with the exception of the absence of Upamecano and Rabiot, and they were replaced by Fofana and Konati. Deschamps’ playing system with 4231.

 ▪️ Not many minutes passed for the roosters to score through Theo Hernandez due to a mistake from the defense, and not a few also passed with Sais leaving due to injury.

 ▪️ After the departure of Sayes and the entry of salts, the playing system changed for Morocco after it was 5/4/1, it turned into 4/1/4/1. Thus, we saw a balance in the squad and an improvement in defense and attack for the Lions...

 ▪️ Deschamps is nothing new, as he wanted to control the meeting, he will control the return and retreat, which was in most of the stages of the meeting, relying on Mbappe's skills and Dembley's speed at the wing level.

 ▪️ Tchwamini presents a great World Cup, so that we forgot the absence and influence of Kante and Pogba. Griezmann exceeded all expectations and became one of the most prominent stars of the roosters, one of the best players in this match.

 ▪️ Theo Hernandez, if his brother Lucas had not been injured, what would the situation be like, as we know that Deschamps prefers Lucas over Theo, but the Milan player gives a fabulous individual performance on the other hand, also a balanced Conde.

 ▪️ Let's go back to the lions, the team's backbone cleats are very exhausting, it was not really at the required level in this match, but this does not detract from the value of the cleats in general and the performance he gave throughout the tournament.

 ▪️ With the decline of the French national team, many chances to score were not exploited by Morocco, the same performance continued in the second half..

 ▪️ With great force, Morocco entered the second half, but no, the roosters' net did not shake, and they kept their goal, as substitute Colo added the second goal from the first touch and killed the match after a little individual effort, so he was thanked by Mbappe.

 ▪️ to end 2-0 to France.

 ▪️ Congratulations and congratulations to the Moroccan national team for this achievement

 The Golden Square is not an easy thing to fight the elders

 B easy thing.

 ▪️ A draw against Croatia, then a victory over Belgium, a victory over Canada, and the overthrow of the Matadors in the 16th round, and then passing and a victory over Portugal, qualifying and reaching the golden square, but God's destiny is what He wills.

 ▪️ The march of the Moroccan national team is not over yet, God willing, we will reap the third place in front of Croatia. A thousand thanks to Morocco, which honored the Arab nation in a historic World Cup ✨.

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