Enrique between a rock and a hard place

Enrique between a rock and a hard place

 Enrique between a rock and a hard place

 There is a lot of talk to talk about Enrique's experience with the Spain national team.

 Is Unai Simon the best Spanish goalkeeper in the last two seasons?

 Absolutely not. The idea of ​​your goalkeeper being excellent with his feet will always remain, in my opinion, an incomplete idea. A question for every follower and fan here, what do you prefer for your team, an excellent goalkeeper with his feet or an excellent goalkeeper with his hands?

 De Gea will always be the best goalkeeper in Spain, and Kepa is the best Spanish goalkeeper this season, that's the truth.

 - Bao Torres is the best Spanish defender and no one spoke of being a bench player for Enrique, David Garcia presents the best season of his career as a defender and did everything with Osasuna and in the end Eric Garcia was preferred over him?  .

 Away from the issue of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Ramos deserves a position in the national team even if he is on the bench. The presence of the captain is important and moral. Capello, when David Beckham was injured before the 2010 World Cup, he summoned the player while he was injured only for his moral role. The issue is not related to Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the issue is related to Spain.  .

 - Three left-backs are better in at least the last two seasons than Alba's choice: Grimaldo, Benfica's back, Alex Moreno, Betis's back, who is presenting an excellent season, Hoffenheim's full-back, Angelino.

 And finally the main Alba, one of the most criticized players in their club is basic.

 - Pedro Porro is the best Spanish full-back currently outside the national team, and he is the back who made seven goals this season, and there is no back who contributed goals this season.

 Is Busquets one of the ten best pivot players in the world?  Is Rodri one of the ten best defense hearts in the world?  Is Rodri one of the ten best pivot players in the world?

 I will only answer the last question and I will say that he is not one of the ten best anchors in the world, but rather he is the best or the second best anchor in the world. This is Rodri.

 Does it make sense for Busquets to play 120 minutes?  I do not understand the reason for this reverence for him.

 The idea is that a "super" fulcrum player like Zubimendi is simply out of the World Cup.

 - Pedri and Gavi, in my opinion, are among the most important talents in the world, and I talked about that a lot, but in the World Cup you need experience and I am talking specifically about Gavi. Imagine if he was in the middle of Spain, Mikel Merino, who in my opinion is one of the best players in the Spanish League?

 Imagine if there was a Tiago, a Tiago that no one person in the world could explain not to call up Tiago and the idea that a very regressed Cookie exists at their expense.

 Imagine if he existed, he was Canales, the genius Canales, who has no single explanation for not calling the player, and in the last two seasons he is not one of the best midfielders in the league, but rather one of the best players in the league in general.

 And by attack, Gerard Moreno is out of the national team, Borja is the second top scorer in the league after Leiva outside the national team, Aspas is the third top scorer in the league and one of the best players in the league outside the squad, why?  So Asensio plays as a fake striker?

 In the end, Enrique failed, only one victory in the World Cup, even in the last Euro, and the idea circulated that Enrique was made out of nothing. Everything is a superficial idea. Spain has excellent names and Enrique with his choices made us feel that Spain is poor. Enrique was always a super coach in my opinion, but Enrique Spain is  The weakest version of Enrique, Enrique of Spain was very emotional and very biased

 #God is victorious.

Enrique between a rock and a hard place


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