A doctor makes a cheerleader smile after being bullied

 🔴 "Preach good news, and I am your brother." A #Jordanian doctor donates a smile to a #Moroccan fan who was bullied during the #WorldCup

 🔴 A Jordanian dentist donated a free smile to a Moroccan fan who was bullied, because of the shape of his teeth, during his appearance in a spontaneous snapshot captured by the cameras in the Morocco-Croatia match in the World Cup.

 🔴 And Jordanian dentist Shadi Al-Sheikh published, through his Instagram account, a post in which he demanded that his followers deliver it to the fan whose image appeared on the Moroccan platforms, and as a result he was subjected to bullying and ridicule.

 🔴 Hours later, the Sheikh said that he was able to reach the Moroccan citizen, Mohamed Al-Sharafi, as the doctor pledged to bear all the costs of Al-Sharafi's travel from Doha to Dubai, in addition to fully treating his teeth, according to what the Moroccan fan told Moroccan media.

 🔴 Al-Sharafi said, in a televised interview with local media, "The campaign I was subjected to is harsh. I suffer from heart problems that prevented me from treating my teeth.. Praise be to God for this surprise. A doctor from Dubai called me and told me to bear the costs of travel and treatment."

 🔴 Doctor Shadi Al-Sheikh published the circulating video of the Moroccan fan, thanking him and commenting on it, "This is an honor for me.. Preach, and I am your brother."

 🔴 The Moroccan fan, Mohamed Al-Sharafi, had enjoyed a wide solidarity campaign launched by Moroccan bloggers after the wave of bullying in the form of his teeth, according to what was published by local media.

 🔴 The doctor's initiative received a wide welcome, in an initiative described as humanity, and comments praising the doctor and moral 






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